Exclusive orders

Individual exclusive order is any order different from products presented in the catalog.
Produce exclusive Souvenirs, gifts, logos, individual and corporate customers.

Describe the parameters of exclusive the points (!) in the contact form at the bottom of the page:
1 the Dimensions of height, width, length: shared and private parts.
2 Color common and separate parts.
3 the Number.
4 Photo or picture (if possible).
5 production Time: standard 1 month or accelerated (by increasing prices).
6 Your e-mail and telephone.

Discounts are possible when significant quantities of products. Negotiated after clarification of all the details of the order.
Production time: 1 month from receipt of payment. Shortening, ask about the possibility - due to the increase prices.
Price: the minimum price for the exclusive product was 1000 RUB.
Payment: 100% before the start of the work; cash or cashless payment, under the contract.
Delivery and return of goods - see 'payment and shipping'.guarantees and deadlines'.Examples are exclusive, private and VIP glass products see below.

When ordering, please consider that this is handmade. It is impossible to make the same products for shape, color, size, perfect surfaces and edges, and other parameters. The products will be uneven color, air bubbles, inclusions. Match your expectations with our capabilities can be determined only by sample. Prior to the manufacture stipulate all these critical parameters.

With an exclusive order of marriage are only cracks in the glass. In other cases products will not be accepted back and the money for the work done will not be returned.
If you don't order a sample, exclusive glass products are exchanged and are non-refundable.

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