Production of glass souvenirs

Production of glass figurines-photo:

Production of glass souvenirs:
- We have been making glass souvenirs since 1993.
- Equipment used: propane burners at 800-2000 degrees, oxygen and propane tanks, specially made glass darts, tweezers, knives, and other devices.
- The production of glass souvenirs requires hard work, and the ability to feel the molten glass.
- Glass rods of various colors and thicknesses are heated to a plastic mass in the flame.
- Without touching the molten glass with your hands, by weight and using tools, the glass mass is given the desired shape. Heated glass of various shapes and colors is soldered together to form a shape.
- During operation, it is necessary to ensure that the glass blank is constantly evenly heated, otherwise it will burst. Also, it is important not to overheat the glass, so that it does not lose the desired shape. The finished glass figurine will split if it touches the flame of a burner or a cold tool.
- Put the finished glass figurine on a fire-resistant stand and do not touch it until it cools down completely. After that, the work can be considered finished.

Production of glass figurines-video:

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