How to order

1 Search for the itemand:
- Search by name of the figures (cat, poodle, snake, Nightingale, mammal, horse, etc.) is in the upper right corner of the page is a rectangular gray box. Enter a name and click on the orange button with a magnifying glass.
- Search all products includes the desired word to enter it into the box and press Enter.
- Search by size - located in the left column of the page in the form of inscriptions. Click the desired section.
2 Choose an item. Press the button 'In cart' next to the photo of any product. To increase the amount - click the 'To cart' multiple times to change the number later on the page of your 'basket'.
3 to order - click this button after the end of shopping. Enter your details for delivery of the goods.
4 Submit order - click this button and check your email. You will receive a letter containing a copy of the order and payment.
5 Check the order. If necessary, order another or cancel it.
6 Anddministrator will send to Your mail a copy of the postal invoice and the time of delivery.
7 will Receive the goods at the appointed time the courier if You are in St. Petersburg. If You are in another city, it is necessary within 3 days to pay the bill that come into Your mail and notify us by e-mail or phone.

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