Catalog of glass souvenirs

Micro figures 1-2. 5 cm.

Medium figures 4-6 cm.

Large figures 6-15 cm.

Compositions up to 50 cm.

Glass jewelry, Fusing

Exclusive orders

Production of glass souvenirs

Figurines made of colored glass. You can buy souvenirs wholesale and retail.We produce Russian souvenirs made of colored art glass
We are made of Gusev, Lviv, Czech, Murano glass. Making glass figurines requires a lot of patience. In order for you to buy souvenirs made of glass, you need to melt the glass on a burner and shape it without touching the figurine with your hands. Only after that, the glass products become similar to glass souvenirs. We make glass figures with different themes: glass figurines of animals, fish, birds, insects, flowers, figurines of fairy-tale characters, prizes, souvenirs, gifts, memorable gifts, award steles, chess and much more.
You can buy souvenirs in bulk. Discounts are provided depending on the purchase amount. Glass figurines are delivered by transport companies in Russia and abroad.

In order tobuy a gift made of glassneed to put them in the basket and fill in the contact details. An invoice for payment for will be sent to your email. When shipping,glass figurinescarefully packed in soft packaging and a hard box.

Our production of glass figurines will be happy to make glass figures as a gift or fulfill corporate vip orders in bulk. Our specialty is wholesale of souvenirs and exclusive glass gifts.
A memorable gift and souvenirs made of glass bring a festive atmosphere to the house, which is so necessary for everyone.

- Price of glass souvenirs: buy wholesale, retail, with a discount.
- Quality: art glass is repeatedly checked for defects, vandal-proof packaging.
- Guarantees: replacement of defective glass souvenirs.
- Assortment of glass figurines: more than 2100 types in the catalog, constant increase.
- Convenience: choose the delivery method, label and package shapes by type.
- Delivery: anywhere in the world.
- Exclusive gifts: we will make corporate vip souvenirs, manufacture glass figurines.
- Additional services: designing, sketching, engraving, gluing.
- Experience: production of glass souvenirs since 1993, wholesale glass souvenirs have been sold since 2003.

Making your dreams come true in glass!