Wholesale buyers

Colors may vary from the photo. For the production of specific colors margin of 10%.

Cancellation of purchase: no payment after 3 working days.

1 Cash to the courier upon receipt of goods - only in Saint-Petersburg and the suburbs.
2 by Bank transfer and the contract on account of organizations throughout Russia and abroad.
3 Without payment only in St. Petersburg and only when ordered by catalogue.
100% prepayment in the following cases:
- delivery of transport companies, by mail.
- The personal order.
- The order of the figures of stock.

Shipping: anywhere in the world
1 catalogue Item brought in With-Pb and the transport company within 3 working days after payment is received.
2 the shipping company you choose.
Price of delivery:
1 Free: outside the ring road of St. Petersburg, with the purchase amount over 5000 rubles;
2 Price 250 RUB.: delivery to the transport company, at the purchase amount to 5,000 rubles.
3 the Price of 250 rubles+30 rubles for each 1 km from the ring road in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg
4 Price 300 RUB: in addition, if you select TC not on our list. S-Pb
5 Express delivery to TC: the Assembly of the first 100 positions - 600 RUB, every next 100 - 400 RUB. (for orders of up to 30,000 rubles).

1 lips
- Two working days in Saint-Petersburg to the address without payment.
- Three working days: to other cities after payment is received to our account.
2 Exclusive Souvenirs: after 1 month. after receiving payment, or by appointment.
3 Design and sketching products: 3 business days.
4 Cancellations: in 3 working days without payment confirmation.

Replacement of marriage:
1 In St. Petersburg: the quality is checked You when the courier.
2 When delivering mail: changing after delivery of the marriage at the expense of us buyer. Required within 2 days after delivery, send to mail photos and marriage form marriage.
3 Replacement songs not performed when delivering mail.

plastic bags
- expanded film
- cardboard box with double adhesive tape
- wooden crate (unavailable 'Mail of Russia').
The goods marked with the code. The list of codes and documents inside the parcel. The package is labeled "caution glass" details.

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