Warranty and terms

- the Payment must be made in cash, by check, or sent by us to the account in any Bank.
- To test andto report is possible according to our details (to watch) by contacting the competent authorities.
- Work with 2003 and expect further fruitful cooperation.
- Photo and video production of glass Souvenirs - watch.

Substitution of marriage
- In St. Petersburg: the quality is checked with the courier.

- When delivering mail: replaceable after delivery of marriage to us at the buyer's expense. Photo and the form for the marriage must be sent by mail within two days after delivery. Regular cooperation allowed the accumulation of marriage and notification by e-mail within two days.
- Replacement tracks - is not performed when delivering mail and TK.
Exclusive Souvenirs When ordering, please consider that this is handmade. It is impossible to make the same products for shape, color, size, perfect surfaces and edges, and other parameters. The products will be uneven color, air bubbles, inclusions. Match your expectations with our capabilities can be determined only by sample. Prior to the manufacture stipulate all these critical parameters. With an exclusive order of marriage are only cracks in the glass. In other cases products will not be accepted back and the money for the work done will not be returned. If you don't order a sample, exclusive glass products are exchanged and are non-refundable.
- A plastic bag.
- Expanded film.
- Cardboard box with double sided tape.
- Wooden crate (unavailable 'Mail of Russia').
- The item marked with the code. The list of codes and documents inside the parcel. Package marked "GLASS!!!", details.

Terms of shipment and cancellation of order
1 Item in the catalog
- Two working days: St. Petersburg to the point SDEK after receipt of payment on account of the organization .
Three working days: to other cities after payment is received by the organization.
2 Exclusive Souvenirs: after 1 month. after receiving payment, or by appointment.
3 Design and sketching products: 3 business days.
4 Cancellations: in 3 working days without payment confirmation.
5 Expedited shipping to TK for 1 day: Assembly of the first 100 positions - 600 RUB, every next 100 - 400 RUB. (for orders of up to 30,000 rubles).

Rules for the use of our gifts:
We produce decorative Souvenirs of colored art glass, characterized by fragility and traumatic. Use Souvenirs involves only a visual decoration, as shown in our pictures. You must place products in places inaccessible to children away from bad controlling their movement and/or unbalanced. It is necessary to observe rules of personal safety: avoid sudden movements and shock; the transfer of goods to carry out in a box with both hands; not to take part glass fracture. Rough handling can break glass or crack, possible cuts, abrasions, scratches, punctures. We do not accept liability for improper use or retention of glass products.

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